Overcoming Boredom in Marriage

Despite all the encouragement of dreams and romance, you can still become bored. How? Two things, you’re either living life too fast or too slow. The pace of your marriage is crucial in creating excellence. 

How to Find the Humor in Your Marriage

Marriage can have some tough moments. These moments can bring us down and make us want to cry. But one of the best ways to stay together is to find ways to laugh together instead.

The Top 15 Quotes About Marriage

Everyone loves a good quote. The best ones are easy to remember, make us laugh, and look good when printed on a pillow or t-shirt. They can also start a conversation or make us think.

Applying the Enneagram to Transform Your Marriage

By our fourth year of marriage, we were completely frustrated, ashamed, and desperate. As long-time Christians, we knew the Gospel story in our heads, but we weren’t experiencing the freedom and fullness we knew we already had in Christ.

2 Tips For Traveling With Your Spouse

Do you remember your first fight as a married couple? I remember ours clearly—because it was on our honeymoon. It was the first time we’d travelled alone together and, the time we figured out we weren’t good at traveling together.

The 10 Best Marriage GIFs

The internet is full of GIFs (don’t ask us how to pronounce it). And we scoured the web for our favorite wedding-related GIFs. Here’s our top 10 (in no particular order).