Is Social Media Causing Sin In Your Marriage?

Social media isn’t intrinsically bad. It can help build relationships and keep us connected to people we love. It becomes bad, however, when it becomes a source of false security or a force for imbalance in our lives.

The 10 Best Marriage GIFs

This week on the blog, we wanted to do something fun. We always try to keep things fun with our marriage advice, but this is just pure fun. The internet is full of GIFs (don’t ask us how to pronounce it). And we scoured the web for our favorite wedding related GIFs. Below are our top 10 (in no particular order).

3 Ways to Fight the Marriage Comparison Trap

In the last few years, there has been lots of talk about the dangers of social media for our well-being, and for the psychological health of our children. Turns out, that spending hours on our devices can actually have a negative effect on us.

Finding A Vision for Your Marriage

There is value in believing our marriage serves a greater purpose in the grand scheme of life. When we believe this to be the case, we can push through the struggles that are inevitably thrown our way—as little or large as they may loom in our lives.

7 Habits of Healthy Couples

We are creatures of routine and can often find ourselves stuck in these bad cycles of either fighting, being too busy, or not having the right expectations. The only way to create new habits to build a stronger connection in your marriage is to become proactive. Here...

How to Plan an Exercise Date with Your Spouse

As we have traveled this road to health, my wife and I have begun working out together on a regular basis. These workouts have become my favorite part of the week. And when I stop to think about it, there are five key benefits to these sweat dates with my wife.

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