6 Things About Marriage I Wish I’d Known Sooner

Ladies, do you find yourself being snarky to your husband way too often? I’ve done that and worse. If I could go back and sit down with my newly married self, here’s what I would tell her.I’m writing this article not as a marriage guru, but as a marriage guinea pig.

5 Things To Remember As Your Marriage Collides With The Coronavirus

Like you, your spouse is under all sorts of stressors. From working from home to homeschooling to the economy to lack of hand-sanitizer to having to live with you, the struggle is real. 

5 New Year’s Resolutions For Couples

It’s amazing how many people commit to bettering themselves going into the new year. We’d like to persuade you to make a better you for a better marriage going into the new year.

5 Ways Advent Can Transform Your Marriage

Advent means “arrival”. The Christian tradition of advent is meant to focus our hearts and minds on the weight of God’s intervention in the world through Jesus Christ.

How to Prepare for Your Wedding Day

This may make me unpopular with brides and their mothers, but much of what couples do to prepare for their wedding day doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. At least, it doesn’t prepare them for an extraordinary marriage. So let me give you two things that can actually prepare for your wedding day and an extraordinary marriage.

Overcoming Boredom in Marriage

Despite all the encouragement of dreams and romance, you can still become bored. How? Two things, you’re either living life too fast or too slow. The pace of your marriage is crucial in creating excellence. 

How to Find the Humor in Your Marriage

Marriage can have some tough moments. These moments can bring us down and make us want to cry. But one of the best ways to stay together is to find ways to laugh together instead.

The Top 15 Quotes About Marriage

Everyone loves a good quote. The best ones are easy to remember, make us laugh, and look good when printed on a pillow or t-shirt. They can also start a conversation or make us think.

18 Texts That Say “I’m Sorry”

While it’s important to give a formal apology in person when you’ve messed up, it’s also good to follow up with a phone call or text to remind your spouse how sorry you really are.

Why a Blended-Family Marriage is Different

A typical marriage brings two people together and allows those two individuals to mature, explore each other’s boundaries, and adapt to changes through mutual compromise. A blended-family marriage, on the other hand, abruptly brings two families together along with ingrained loyalties, parenting styles, boundaries and rules.