How Can We Make Healthy Decisions as a Couple?

Most of us have a decent idea of what it means to have a healthy marriage in terms of finances or religion. But have you thought about having a healthy marriage when it comes to taking care of your physical body?

7 Habits of Healthy Couples

We are creatures of routine and can often find ourselves stuck in these bad cycles of either...

How to Plan an Exercise Date with Your Spouse

As we have traveled this road to health, my wife and I have begun working out together on a regular basis. These workouts have become my favorite part of the week. And when I stop to think about it, there are five key benefits to these sweat dates with my wife.

Introducing the Newest Innovation in Marriage—the Love Bike

The Love Bike™ is the first of its kind—a stationary tandem bicycle where two riders face one another while they exercise. The patented touch screen monitor not only displays your heart rate and calories burned, but also prompts you with custom messages to tell your loved one.

The Purpose of Sex as Worship

God’s gifts are perfect, holy, and never so simple as to only serve one purpose or be used for one thing. The same is true for sex. Sex can also be used as a tool for worship.

What To Do If You Have a Sexless Marriage

We’ve never met anyone who wants to be in a sexless marriage, though that is often the reality for many couples we work with. But what are the causes for a sexless marriage and how can they be overcome?

Top 10 Posts of 2018

We publish a new blog post and new podcast episode every week. That’s quite a bit of marriage content. Here’s the most popular blog posts and podcast episodes we shared in 2018.

27 Ways To Immediately Connect With Your Spouse

I would like to say disconnect never happens, but that’s unrealistic. We get selfish, we get busy, we mishandle and misplace our priorities, we say hurtful things, and we do things that imperfect people do because we are imperfect.