How to Intentionally Connect With Your Spouse Every Day

Time is a limited resource, so how you use it matters. Are you using your time to pour into your relationships—especially your marriage? Here’s how to intentionally do that each day.

The 4 M’s of Biblical Sex

I believe the Bible is also clear: married couples should be having sex. I also believe that the Bible presents at least four different kinds of sex married couples should be experiencing.

15 Things the Bible Tells Married Couples to Do For One Another

The Bible is much more focused on “to-be” lists than “to-do” lists, but throughout the Bible there are a variety of “to-dos” for Christians concerning how we treat each other.

Dealing With Change in Marriage

If you’re in a funk lately, or you’re wondering ‘What is up with my spouse,’ chances are that something has changed and you’re experiencing its effects. Maybe it’s just how they feel that’s changed, or maybe something legitimate is different.

18 Texts That Say “I’m Sorry”

While it’s important to give a formal apology in person when you’ve messed up, it’s also good to follow up with a phone call or text to remind your spouse how sorry you really are.

Why a Blended-Family Marriage is Different

A typical marriage brings two people together and allows those two individuals to mature, explore each other’s boundaries, and adapt to changes through mutual compromise. A blended-family marriage, on the other hand, abruptly brings two families together along with ingrained loyalties, parenting styles, boundaries and rules.

Our Adoption Story

Ten months ago, my husband and I announced to our friends and family that we were taking the plunge and embarking on that most sacred (and perilous) of journeys—adoption.