Do We Need More Books on Marriage?

While I have learned so much from marriage books, the best lessons have been learned from watching and interacting with other couples.

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day When One of You Hates It

Special occasions like Valentine’s Day are loaded with specific expectations. Emotions can run high when a couple neglects to find a happy medium. The good news is you can work together to create a memorable experience.

8 Characteristics of a Healthy (and Happy) Sex-Life

One of the most prevalent topics we get questions about is sex and intimacy. And for good reason: sexual intimacy is an important part of marriage, but it also tends to be one of the most misunderstood.

The Purpose of Sex as Worship

God’s gifts are perfect, holy, and never so simple as to only serve one purpose or be used for one thing. The same is true for sex. Sex can also be used as a tool for worship.

30 Pieces of My All-Time Favorite Marriage Advice

My wife Ashley and I have had the privilege of doing marriage ministry for many years. In our travels and speaking and online ministry, we’re often asked “What’s your all-time favorite marriage advice?” It’s a tough question, because it’s nearly impossible to limit the best advice to one sentence.

10 Tips for a Great Family Christmas

Christmas is anticipated with both joy and anxiety. We love the celebrations, the family traditions, and cherish the memories. But, we add the stresses of preparation, expectations, and the fear of letdowns or family squabbles.

3 Ways to Plan a Cheap Vacation

My husband and I aren’’t cheapskates—but we do love saving money. When we can combine saving money with traveling, it feels like we’re getting away with something. For our travels, there are three things my husband and I have taken into consideration: location, season and friends.

6 Questions That Will Radically Change Your Marriage

Life is busy. We used to think that the “next” season of life would be less hectic, less stressful, less busy than our current season. Life doesn’’t seem to get less busy with time; it only picks up steam. It is easy to go days, weeks and even months without intentionally connecting with your husband or wife.

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