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Doug Fields

Doug Fields is a youth ministry veteran and a leader in the marriage world. Doug is the co-author of MarriedPeople: How Your Church Can Build Marriages That Last. You can follow Doug on Twitter @DougFields.

Busy = Something is Usually Broken

Busy = Something is Usually Broken

I recently had the privilege to speak to several hundred couples at our Refreshing Your Marriage conference. Without a doubt, the number one issue facing the majority of these marriages is busyness. We heard it over and over. I shared a story from my first year of...
10 Reasons Not To Date Your Spouse

10 Reasons Not To Date Your Spouse

Recently, my wife and I were doing some pre-marital counseling with a wonderful couple, who used to be in our youth group. We were talking about the fact that good marriages aren’’t accidental——they require hard work. It’’s easy to see that many people...

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