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Remember when you first got married? Everything was new and exciting, and your relationship was full of fun and connection. Conversations just clicked and flowed naturally. Somewhere along the way, life happened and the new became not so new, and the exciting became less exciting. Before you knew it, you felt like you had a boring marriage.

Sadly, feeling bored can lead a marriage down a dark path of arguments, bad decisions, and even divorce. It’s up to you to see the signs, take action, and make things more exciting. Here are 5 things to do when your marriage feels boring.

1. Ask yourself why you feel bored.

Don’t go down the route that you’ve married the wrong person. Instead, take time to self-assess and perhaps you’ll see that it’s a season of life you’re going through. From your career to personal aspirations, maybe life hasn’t worked out as you expected. Maybe it’s because your life has become routine and dull. Or maybe you’re not noticing the blessings in front of you. Either way, it’s important not to try to simply fix boredom but to consider the reason behind your feelings.

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