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About MarriedPeople

Helping to make marriage real, fun, and simple.
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Who We Are

Meet MarriedPeople

We work with marriage experts and everyday couples across the country to make marriage real, fun, and simple. Our mission is to help you connect with your spouse through laughter, affirmation, information, and application.


Authentic. Relatable. Meaningful.


Playful. Joyful. Essential.


 Uncomplicated. Practical. Attainable.

About the Core 4 Habits

Everything we do revolves around one of these core habits for a great marriage.

Have Serious Fun

The best way to protect your marriage is to enjoy it.

Respect and Love

Our spouse doesn’t bring out the worst in us—they reveal the brokeness in us.

Love God First

Loving God in your individual life  impacts your married life.

Practice Your Promise

Marriage is not about the big day but the every day.

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What resources do members get?

MarriedPeople members get access to a library of ever-growing resources.



Hey, watch this!

Get videos to watch with your spouse, including expert messages, stories of real couples, and funny videos.



Read all about it.

We’ve compiled some awesome electronic books on subjects ranging from marital finances, to how to navigate conflict with your spouse.



You need to go on a date.

But finding the time to date is hard. Thinking of stuff to do is even harder. That’s why we came up with the ideas for you.


PDF Tools


Get some guides to a better marriage.

We’ve combined some of our most practical ideas into helpful guides for holidays and other seasons of your marriage.


Sharable Graphics

Share it online.

You know you want to go on social media to rave about your spouse. You just don’t have the cool graphics. But now you do.

Facebook Group

Facebook Group Members

Every marriage needs community.

But it’s difficult to find other people like you. So we’ve started an online community in a private Facebook group. And you’re invited.

Socialize with us.