Cozy, Little Fires Everywhere: Small Ways to Fire Up Your Marriage

It's easy to focus on what is not working in our marriage, especially when we are trying to...

The History of Valentine’s Day & 5 Creative Ways To Celebrate

Let’s not go through the motions this Valentine’s Day. Life is busy, and it seems so commercialized—sure. But remember why Valentine’s Day exists and it becomes more meaningful.Let’s take it as an opportunity to consider our spouses an unmeasurable blessing and remind them of their worth. Imagine not being allowed to marry because of persecution. We get to spend valuable time with our husband/wife doing anything we can imagine—dreaming, traveling, laughing, and loving TOGETHER.

10 Christmas Ideas For Married Couples With Decision Fatigue

What do you get for your spouse at Christmas when you can’t stand to make another decision? We’ve got 10 fun ideas for you to try out.


I hear over and over, “Marriage is so complicated.” After 20 years of working with couples, I say...

18 Texts That Say “I’m Sorry”

While it’s important to give a formal apology in person when you’ve messed up, it’s also good to follow up with a phone call or text to remind your spouse how sorry you really are.

Why a Blended-Family Marriage is Different

A typical marriage brings two people together and allows those two individuals to mature, explore each other’s boundaries, and adapt to changes through mutual compromise. A blended-family marriage, on the other hand, abruptly brings two families together along with ingrained loyalties, parenting styles, boundaries and rules.

Our Adoption Story

Ten months ago, my husband and I announced to our friends and family that we were taking the plunge and embarking on that most sacred (and perilous) of journeys—adoption.