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Strong communication is the secret potion for having a healthy, happy, and loving relationship with your spouse. Not only should your other half confidently believe that you will be there to listen to their rants and emotional bursts, but also, you need to make sure you are there when they simply want to talk.

To maintain a strong communication, you need to make your spouse feel welcomed, wanted and cared for.

How Technology Impacts Communication

In today’s world of technology, this doesn’t mean you have to be in the same room all the time. I am not saying that face to face conversation is not best. But I am saying that unexpected and unwarranted communication is now available. This will only boost the face-to-face communication.

When it comes to communication, technology and social media has undergone some revolutionary innovations and developments that make sure you are always connected with your loved ones, anywhere and anytime.

There are several different ways you can use technology to strengthen your bond with your better half, and make sure they know you are thinking about them.

Tiny gestures such as sending a cute ‘I love you’ text message while they are at work, or sending them your heartbeat through the latest Apple watch, don’’t take much of your time and effort and bring a smile to the face of your spouse.

Here are some easy and simple ways you can use technology to strengthen your bond and improve communication with your spouse:

1. Stay Connected With Them Throughout The Day

Using some of the latest applications such as Whatsapp, iMessage, text messages, you can send an emoji that simply says I am thinking about you. To up your game in this area, come up with different meanings for the standard emojis. It will be like your own little secret that even your kids and coworkers will have a hard time decoding.

All you need is a little imagination. You can make a short smiley face mean something different to your spouse and make their day. The key here is to talk ahead of time and to make sure that you don’t send the wrong signals.

2. Turn Your memories Into Photographs

By taking cute and funny photographs, you can capture your memories. Each time you both will look it at them, you will think about how happy you are to have each other and how much you both need to cherish your unique bond. You can also post these pictures on the social media and tag your spouse to let them know that you are proud of them, and enjoy showing them off to the world.

Don’t get carried away here though. The key here is not to take yourself to seriously. You could even have a private folder on Dropbox where you put pictures of other couples that you don’t want to become. You know, kind of a “So we don’t look stupid let’s don’t do this” folder. You will be amazed by how fun this is to do as a couple.

3. Share Their Technology Love Language

My wife is a big Facebook fan and doesn’t use Twitter much at all. I am a Twitter fan and don’t spend much time on Facebook. Believe it or not but one way that I show my wife that I love her and that I am thinking about her is to share her posts or by commenting on her posts.

By randomly doing this, you can surprise your spouse and let them know that what they share with the world is also important to you. You can even go crazy and tag them in a picture of whatever you are having for lunch on their favorite social network and say that next time you are buying their lunch. I know, seems really basic but isn’t communicating well getting back to the basics?

4. Pick a Netflix Series And Don’t Skip Ahead

If you pick up a TV show or a Netflix series that you are about binge watch that you both enjoy, not only will you both get a chance to share similar interests. Also, you will discover that because of following the same TV show you are developing more material to communicate around during the week.

The key to this though is not to skip ahead of your spouse. If you do the you will only frustrate them and the communication that follows after that will not be what you were hoping for.

Enjoy your spouse and get creative in your use of technology. I think you will be surprised by how the little things make a big difference.

Matt McKee is a husband, dad, speaker, writer, entrepreneur, and pastor. You can find his blog at http://mattmckee.me or follow him on Twitter, or Facebook