In case you hadn’t already noticed, we publish a new blog post every Monday morning. That means, during 2018, we’ve shared over 50 posts written just for married couples like you.

We also release a new podcast episode (almost) every Wednesday morning. During 2018, we shared more than 40 new episodes. Both these blog posts and podcast episodes are on a number of topics, and hopefully you’ve found at least one that’s made your marriage better.

In case you’re new around here or just haven’t stopped by in a while, this is a great way to recap the year. If you’re a loyal MarriedPeople fan, you just might see a few of your favorites on the lists below.

The Top 10 Blog Posts

    1. 5 Mistakes Couples Make in the Bedroom
    2. 25 Passionate Texts to Send to Your Spouse
    3. A 7-Day Love Experiment For Your Marriage
    4. 6 Questions That Will Radically Change Your Marriage
    5. 7 Keys to Great Sex (When You Don’t Like Your Body)
    6. The Ultimate Enemy of Intimacy
    7. Keeping Your Husband Happy With the Next-Day Rule
    8. Millennial & Married: What I’ve Learned Six Months In
    9. 3 Types of Margin You Absolutely Need in Your Marriage
    10. 3 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Men

The Top 10 Podcast Episodes

    1. 034: What do I do if I’m married to a dreamer? (with Jon Acuff)
    2. 049: How can I deal with sexual baggage in my marriage? (with Mo Isom Aiken)
    3. 036: How do I find breathing room in my marriage? (with Sandra Stanley)
    4. 035: How do we have a good vacation together?
    5. 027: How do we become our best US?
    6. 038: How do I empower my spouse (with Mike Owens)
    7. 042: How does social media and technology impact my marriage? (with Dave Adamson)
    8. 032: How do we do marriage and ministry together? (with Sherry Surratt)
    9. 039: How can my church help marriages?
    10. 017: How do I stay connected with my spouse despite the craziness of life? (with Frank & Jessica Bealer)

We can’t wait to continue sharing more blog posts with you in 2019!

What has been your favorite blog post this year? What was your favorite podcast episode?

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