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On the day of this podcast recording, we’re still in the middle of a lot of chaos. There are so many stressors and changes all at once, so it’s understandable that there may be tension in your marriage. Or maybe you’ve used this time to get closer and you’re loving the togetherness. Or maybe this time has helped you remember how important your marriage is. But no matter where you find your marriage, the struggles are real during all this.

Let’s talk about this question with our guests – Montell and Kristin Jordan. You may remember them from the #1 hit song, “This Is How We Do It”. You’re going to love these two as they share their story and answer the question How Do We Keep Our Marriage Together When The World’s Falling Apart?


  • Montell and Kristin Jordan are my guests on the podcast today (1:16)
  • Tell people a little about your story (4:46)
  • So you guys met pre-Jesus, fast forward us to when you’re a producer and he’s a recording artist (7:53)
  • Talk a little about the song, “This Is How We Do It”. That was a huge success and a moment for you guys. (10:10)
  • You guys went from recording artists to pastors – what was that journey like? (13:08)
  • I want to rewind a little bit and talk about this idea of the counterfeit lifestyle (18:33)
  • You guys are very transparent – what were some of the trials in your marriage during this time? (23:18)
  • What was the turning point for you guys? (28:04)
  • Talk a little about what God has done through this decision to lay it all down (33:43)
  • What is one simple thing people can do right now? (41:40)
  • Tell people where they can find out more about you (47:50)


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