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Ted Cunningham joins us to talk about this question. Ted is a pastor, speaker, comedian and author. He has been married to his wife, Amy, for 21 years and they have two teenagers.

When it comes to having fun in your marriage, I don’t think there’s a better expert in the country than Ted. The things Ted encourages you to aren’t big things, but they make a big difference!


  • The thing I’ve loved about being friends with you over the years is that we are both fans of laughter and fun in marriage. Can you talk a little about that? (1:54)
  • Was laughter something that brought you and Amy together? (3:48)
  • Why do you think some couples choose to laugh about things and others live in tension all the time? What’s the difference between those couples? (8:50)
  • Talk to people who feel like it’s inappropriate to be silly or fun right now (14:17)
  • The biggest thing I hear from couples is, “We can’t have fun because we have an unresolved issue.” What would you say to that couple? (18:40)
  • I know there are people who feel like they don’t even know what fun is even more. If you could tell couples one thing to go and do, what would you say? (22:11)
  • Ted, thank you for your work. Tell people where to find you and what book they should read of yours (32:22)


A Love That Laughs Book

Fun Loving You Book

Woodhills Church

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