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Today’s topic is actually the subtitle of André and Jeff Shinabarger’s book called Love Or Work. This book and interview led to some great questions for Ted and his wife Nancie and we’re sure it will for you and your spouse! Join us as we dive in on this topic.



  • I would love if you would tell our listeners a little about yourselves (1:00)
  • The thing that excited me about this book is that you guys got specific on a topic that couples may not even know they need to talk about. What was the tension in your own story that made you want to write this book? (2:21)
  • So someone called you and said, “Come get an Airstream”. Tell us a little about that story and how that connects to the idea of love and work (7:22)
  • André, talk a little about your passion as an individual (11:34)
  • You guys had so many tweetable moments in this book. Talk a little about the journey to get to where you are today that is so healthy (15:18)
  • Your communication style seems to be blunt. How do you start having these types of  conversations? (18:35)
  • You guys talk a lot in the book about affirming each other’s giftedness. Share a little about that (21:26)
  • André, there’s a point in the book when you talk about encouraging Jeff to do the next thing and it meant a lot to Jeff. Can you describe that a little bit? (24:30)
  • When you saw the research, what were a couple things that our listeners should know or wouldn’t have seen coming? (27:00)
  • Why do you think so many people have a hard time being for their spouse? (30:15)
  • I imagine that a lot of people are where you guys are – they both have big dreams. Talk a little bit to couples who are in different places with their dreams (33:30)
  • I see some things in my wife that she is so great at but she doesn’t necessarily see. What do you say to that? (44:50)
  • Tell people where they can find out more about you and the book (49:49)
  • If you could have couples do one thing, what would it be? (50:20)

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