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The real truth for black couples is that racism has an impact on everything, including marriage. Jackie and Stephana Bledsoe join us to share their stories of the racism growing up and even now as they raise their own family. They also share the hope of what happens when we stand for and with people of color.



  • Tell us a little about your family, how long you’ve been married and about your kids (1:40)
  • Tell us a little about your ministry (2:24)
  • The issue we’re talking about today is evergreen – how do you think racism impacts marriages of color? (3:47)
  • Stephana, when you heard the story about Jackie’s uncle, how do you feel about that? (9:08)
  • “People like you…” talk about that statement a little (9:38)
  • What are some other things that are hurtful that people may not know are hurtful. And what are the right things to do? (13:32)
  • I’ve tried to point people to black leaders that are crushing it instead of me having a lot of commentary. Is that a good way to do it? (18:10)
  • So, what can we do? (19:30)
  • So – how has this racism issue impacted your marriage? (22:46)
  • Can you unpack a little what it would look like for spouses to be on different pages of this issue? (25:39)
  • What is the hope – what can we get excited about to pour our energies into right now? (28:15)
  • We’re hurting with you and want to stand with you. Thank you for coming on and sharing this pain. (30:58)