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Your marital habits either lead to the connection or disconnection of your us.

How does that statement sit with you? For many of us, it leaves us feeling discouraged. We’ve had other habits that we’ve tried to change before and then we’ve been unsuccessful. Exercising, eating right, staying healthy, or getting organized.

But marital habits are different, because they’re relational, which means they’re emotional. And therein lies the answer.

For instance, when you decide to laugh off something trivial instead of picking a fight, that’s emotional and that matters. When you choose to be tender, when you want to be harsh, that’s emotional and that matters.

When you thank your spouse for providing for the family, that’s emotional and that matters. When you pause in the morning to pray for your spouse, that’s emotional and that matters.

For almost every couple, an unexpected moment of laughter or gentleness, respect, affirmation, or a sexual connection, can trigger a great day for your marriage. Even in tough situations.

When you’re intentional about creating these moments on a regular basis, you create marriage habits that can make your marriage better and take it in the right direction. That can help you to become your best us.