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Show Notes

Intuitively, we know our words are a big deal. But we usually only remember that they’re a big deal when something happens that shows us we’ve forgotten. We’ve all had this happen, even recently! Join us as we discuss why words are such a big deal in marriage. 

The Tension: In marriage, we can find ourselves saying the things we shouldn’t say and not saying the things we should say. 

There’s something hardwired into our DNA that makes words really matter to us. But for some reason, we tend to forget the weight of our words.

We often give ourselves a break on our words because we genuinely didn’t mean to hurt the other person. But should we be giving ourselves a break?

Proverbs 12:18 says, “Careless words stab like a sword, but wise words lead to healing.”

We remember hurtful words with such clarity – we often remember the entire situation surrounding the words very vividly.

But words can hurt our spouse or they can also be used to help heal them.

Truth: Words can hurt or words can heal.

When we say the right things, it’s not a big event the way hurtful words can be. But they are part of a process can be really healing to your spouse.

This doesn’t have to be complicated! If we take the time to slow down and actually say the positive things we think about our spouse it can make a huge difference. 

Your one simple thing for this week: This week – on the day you are with your spouse the most – keep a tally of the wise things and careless things you said to your spouse. 

Taking the time to keep the tally can help you be more aware of what you’re saying to your spouse. There are so many times you may not know that you’ve been more careless than you realized!

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