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Show Notes

Jeff Henderson is the lead pastor Gwinett church. Prior to Gwinett Church, Jeff served as the lead pastor of Buckhead Church, North Point’s first multi-site location. He spent 21 years in marketing, mostly at Chick-Fil-A. He and his wife Wendy have two children, and they live in the Atlanta area.


Ted: If someone listening is a busy leader who has a lot going on, why does that bring so much challenge to a marriage?

Jeff: For us it has been a lot about scheduling, as simple as it sounds. There have been many times that I forget to tell Wendy about a trip I’m going on. We have had to learn to get ahead of this – We have each other’s calendar, so Wendy can look on mine anytime.

Managing the busyness together – that’s the key.

I would suggest reading Choose to Cheat by Andy Stanley – Andy unpacks the principles he used to approach work in a smart way, without sacrificing his family,

Ted: But what about the people whose boss doesn’t appreciate when they put their family first?


  • Lead up as well as you possibly can – have those conversations with your boss and then ask them to trust the results.
  • When you produce the results, often leaders will acknowledge that.
  • If you have a boss who is unwilling to talk about it, it may be time to ask the Lord if He still wants you there
  • Know that there are seasons of crazy, but it shouldn’t last forever. During the seasons of busy, make the decisions about how you’re going to spend your time mutually with your spouse.

Ted: I know this is a marriage podcast, but tell us a little about what you’re doing at championtribes.com. I know that means a lot to Wendy and is important for marriages too.

Jeff: Campion Tribes is a group experience that gives dads tools to raise their sons. Many sons are living FOR their father’s affirmation, instead of living FROM their father’s affirmation. We’re giving dads a plan to help them navigate their son’s 11-14 year old window. We also have a version coming soon for mothers with daughters.

And when you’re parenting your kids well, that has a huge positive impact on your marriage as well!

Show Closing

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