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Show Notes

Casey and Meygan Caston are the founders of Marriage 365. They’ve faced a lot in their marriage and they join us today to talk about this topic – “How do I have a great marriage when my parents didn’t?”

Casey and Meygan Caston Interview

Casey and Meygan can speak to marriage struggles – Between their sets of parents, there are 12 marriages. By year 3 they were heading straight for a divorce. As they found their way out of their struggles, they formed their non-profit to help other couples find the tools they needed.

So, what made you guys hang in there?

Meygan: I hated who I had become. I was a friendly, kind, compassionate individual before I got married and I was a bitter, angry, resentful woman after.

I decided that I couldn’t wait around for Casey to change, so I got myself help – I started seeing a therapist, meeting with woman who had been married 20 years and reading books. I realized I couldn’t wait for Casey, I was responsible for my own happiness. You can’t change your husband, but you can have a very positive impact on him by changing first.

Casey: It takes two to keep a negative cycle going, but sometimes one can stop it. You have to start at a place of hope.

We started:

  • Dating again
  • Having fun
  • Having heart to heart conversations – not just “What do you want for dinner” type conversations, but deep conversations.
  • Being on each other’s team instead of playing the blame game
  • Praying together and spent a lot of time together
  • Being real and vulnerable with each other

It’s not easy, but it’s not complicated!

Your one simple thing for this week: Try out ‘The 60 Second Blessing’ and spend 60 seconds affirming your spouse’s qualities (their features, accomplishments, etc).

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