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Show Notes

Today we have our friend Sarah Bragg joining us to discuss whether you can still support your spouse when you don’t agree with them.

Let us tell you a little about Sarah!

Sarah Bragg has worked in ministry and alongside those serving in ministry for more than 15 years. Her book titled Body. Beauty. Boys. The Truth About Girls and How We See Ourselves helps young women find their value in the One who matters. She currently works as the Content Director for the Live A Better Story adult small group curriculum. She also has a Masters of Arts in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary.

In 2015, she launched a successful podcast, Surviving Sarah, where she invites guests to join her around her kitchen table to talk about surviving life so that women will be inspired, informed, encouraged and entertained. You can find her online at SurvivingSarah.com Sarah and her husband, Scott, and their daughters, Sinclair and Rory, reside in Marietta, Georgia.

A few months ago, our own Ted was a guest on Sarah’s podcast. Ted heard Sarah’s stories about how her and her husband are both entrepreneurs and knew he wanted to have her on the MarriedPeople podcast. We’re glad to have her as we talk about this tension.

The Tension: In marriage we are going to have times we don’t agree with our spouse.

Sarah: Scott is a risk taker and I’m not. He does think through things, but he is more willing to take a big risk when he sees the potential.

I’ve had to learn the balance between when I go to him for more clarification or to share my opinion and when I step back.

Because ultimately I can’t change his mind! The only one who can is God, and I take a step back and pray that if it’s not what’s best for our family God would shut it down.

Truth: Understanding your spouse leads to grace for your spouse.

When the relationship is what matters to you the most, it’s worth the effort to get to know what drives their decisions.

There are times when you need to go seek outside counsel, but if you can focus on the bigger picture and learn to understand your spouse you’ll be able to continue moving forward in your story!

Your one simple thing for this week: Do one thing to better understand your spouse.

This can be a small thing!

  • Turn off the tv and ask them questions
  • Take a personality test (we love the Enneagram!)
  • Listen to a podcast – maybe this one?

Can you support your spouse when you don’t understand or agree with them? Yes, and we can do it by assuming the best and extending grace as we continue to try to understand where they’re coming from.

Thanks for joining us for the Married People Podcast! We hope today’s episode helped you realize that marriage is a little easier than you may think. We hope you’ll subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and leave a review – they help us make the podcast better. And while you’re there, be sure to subscribe to Sarah’s podcast – Surviving Sarah – as well!

If you want more resources, check out Your Best Us and our blog at MarriedPeople.org.  You can find more from Sarah at SurvivingSarah.com.