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Show Notes

If you’ve ever wondered why some marriages are good and others are bad, you’re not alone. But whether you’re struggling, surviving or doing great in your marriage, we hope today’s question can help you see that marriage is easier than you may think.

Join us as we tackle this question: Why are some marriages good and others bad?

As we dive in, we start with a point of tension many couples feel:

The tension: People are overwhelmed about what it takes to have a good marriage.

There are four categories that contribute to a good marriage. Our tendency is to believe that we need to take giant leaps in each of these areas:

  • Hard work
  • Communication
  • Chemistry
  • Compatibility

But the truth is, a good marriage only needs small moves in these areas. We call them micro-moves.

So we start by asking a question: What is a small thing that your spouse has done lately that has mattered to you?

  • Afton: Her husband Hudson will get one of those cute paper cards (“I lava you” with a volcano) and hide it under her pillow.
  • CJ: He and his wife Teri do all of their meal prep on Sunday before the week. Teri took the time to cut up his sub rolls so they were ready to go at work.
  • Ted: Recently Nancie left a post it for Ted on his computer at work that said “I love you because you’re my favorite”.

Each week we encourage you to do one simple thing. This week, it’s to pick a micro-move.

There are four intentional moments throughout the day that matter, and we suggest you to pick one of the following:

  • When you wake
  • When you depart for the day
  • When you return at the end of the day
  • Before going to sleep

It doesn’t have to be a big move – it can be as small as making the bed or sending a text. But when you make these micro-moves, they turn into habits that make your marriage better! Thank you for joining us! If you want more resources, check out Your Best Us and MarriedPeople.org.