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In partnership with Peloton, MarriedPeople is excited to introduce the official bicycle of marriage—the Love Bike™.

“We’re thrilled to finally release the Love Bike™ out to the public,” said MarriedPeople founder, Ted Lowe. “We’ve been secretly at work on this product for years and can’t wait to finally get people cycling toward a better marriage.”

The Love Bike™ is the first of its kind—a stationary tandem bicycle where two riders face one another while they exercise. The patented touch screen monitor not only displays your heart rate and calories burned, but also prompts you with custom messages to tell your loved one.

The bikes come preloaded with a number of different exercise routines, including casual bike rides through the park, along the beach, or through the romantic streets of Paris.

“For us, the bicycle is the perfect metaphor for a marriage,” said Peloton CEO, April Erst in a statement. “A bicycle has two wheels—just as a marriage has two partners. And they’ve both got to be moving forward together in order for any progress to be made.”

One of the best features of the Love Bike is that it takes two people to ride. Both spouses must be on each bike at the same time to unlock the pedals. That means one spouse isn’t able to exercise alone—you’ve got to have your partner with you.

“A couple that bikes together stays together,” said Lowe “We’ve always believed that principle is at the core of MarriedPeople, and we’re just excited to finally have a product that physically embodies that ideology.”

The Love Bike™ will be sold at all major fitness retailers starting on April 1, 2019 at an affordable price of only $29.99 a month for 36 months.  It also comes with a money-back guarantee—if your marriage isn’t healthier in six months, you can return the Love Bike™ for a full refund.