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How Are You Spending Your Day?

The challenge of time management is one we can all relate to. If we aren’t constantly aware of how we are spending our time, it’s easy to fall into the trap of not knowing how we spent our day. You find yourself wondering: Did I invest time into my relationships?

How are you spending the moments of the day? Are you mindlessly searching the internet or checking social media every spare moment? But then find yourself without time to be present with your family?

As a society we jam pack our days with so many forms of fake relationships that we’ve convinced ourselves that we’re in constant communication. In a way, this is true—but these aren’t impactful, meaningful relationships.

We believe the lie that technology can fill the void in our lives. In reality, only true interaction with humans can fill it. Because that’s the way God intentionally created us.

Choosing How to Spend Time

I remember sitting with my grandmother as we mourned the loss of my grandfather, who she’d been married to for over 60 years. Not once did she wish her kids had been in more activities or that she should have spent more time at work.

Instead, she said she wished that she had more time with her husband. My grandfather taught us all so much about how to live and enjoy life. My family has made it a priority to constantly evaluate how and where we are spending our time.

Time is the most precious commodity we have. Every person only has twenty-four hours each day. How you choose to steward that time is what matters.

Connecting with Each Other Daily

My wife and I decided as a couple that we want to have a marriage worth repeating. That meant making a conscious choice to take some concrete counter cultural steps to live a life like this. And in case you want to do the same, here are some real examples and ideas of how to execute this well.

Included below are some questions to ask each other daily. These are aimed at getting beneath the surface. There are only so many times you can ask: how was your day? Or how’s the weather? These questions might even help you get to know your spouse better.

This daily practice is even possible if you are not in the same place. For example, if one of you travels or served in the military. In some cases, these intentional moments are even more critical if you’re apart. These give you an opportunity to stay connected for when you’re reunited. Even if you can’t speak to each other, writing a letter or keeping a journal are two old-school options.

Just 15 to 30 minutes each day can be enough to keep up a strong, intentional connection. Those moments can maintain a bond through the busy seasons or the business traveling. These daily downloads help to keep you close in your marriage.

Conversation Starters for a Daily Connection

  • What was the best part of your day?
  • What was the most challenging part of your day?

Tips for a Daily Connection

  • Be an attentive listener. Remove distractions. Make eye contact.
  • Be a safe listener. Be open to your spouse’s opinion without seeing it as an attack on yours.
  • Guard against the conversation killers of belittling, sarcasm, and exaggeration.

How do you intentionally connect with your spouse daily?