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by Amanda Maguire

Mother’s Day is coming. You can’t stop it and I am here to tell you that you CANNOT forget about it. Guys, this day is a toughie if you have any amount of children at any age. Not only do you need to remember to honor your own mother, you must make your wife feel remembered, loved, and special on this very important day. It’’s a double whammy!

I’m here to break it down for you fellas in 3 simple steps . . .

Step #1. Know her love language.

For example, I personally love gifts. Tell me all the sweet nothings and affirmations you want, but I want to open a gift. It doesn’t matter what it is, I want to rip the paper off of something. It tells me that you took time to remember me, shop for me, and spend money on me. Gifts communicate to me a sacrifice and a thoughtfulness that speaks to my heart. But YOUR wife may be very different! She may love hugs and cuddles more than gifts. She may light up when words of affirmation are poured upon her. If you don’t know or aren’t sure . . . ASK HER.

That leads me to Step #2. Ask her.

Ask her what she would like or how she would feel honored this Mother’s Day. It may change season to season. When I had small kids, I felt the most honored by being ALONE. Give me a gift to the spa! But now that my kids are older, it’’s fun to be with them on Mother’s Day. And if your wife sweetly says, “Oh, nothing,” or “I don’t care, anything you decide,” that is NOT your free ticket to actually do nothing!

I know money can be tight— but most women do not need expensive gift or dinners out at places with tablecloths to feel valued (not that it wouldn’t be nice from time to time, hint, hint). So get creative, google “great free gifts for my wife” or “fun free outings” in your area, look on her Pinterest account. I have a heading in my Pinterest account that says “gifts to give or get” that could be easy shopping for my husband.

Step #3. By celebrating Mother’s Day you are honoring more than mom——you are setting a standard for your kids.

You are teaching them and showing by example how to honor their mother and their future wife. If you have a daughter, you are modeling how her husband and children should treat her. Include your kids! If your kids can’t talk yet, be their voice. If your kids can’t drive to the store, take them. If your kids have no money to spend on mom, give them some, or help them make her something. Let your kids in on the fun of celebrating the special lady who loves them so dearly!

What a gift that you even have a wife and she is a mom! What a treasure that SHE is the one to nurture and care for your children. Rise up and call her “Blessed!”


Amanda Maguire has been married to a youth pastor for 12 years and now the lead pastor of a church. (It’s the same guy!) They are raising a family with 3 kids. Amanda is passionate about being a part of the divorce rate going down in her community and the happy healthy rate of marriages going up!