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by Tim Walker

What’’s unique about your US?
By your US, I mean you and your spouse.
Because if you really think about it, you’’re a little different, aren’’t you?

You’’re not a clone of other couples you know.
Sure, you have some similarities, but there’’s just something different about the two of you together.
The things you like or don’’t like.
The things you like to do or don’’t do.
The way you both see the world.
The things you both think are funny, or not.

Not sure what I’’m talking about?
Ever been at a party and you both look at each other with that knowing glance?
No words had to be exchanged. You knew what each other was thinking.
You’’re not superheroes.
You just get each other. Your US is unique.

Breathe. You don’’t have to be like everyone else. So quit buying into the images culture throws out.

You don’’t have to ride a tandem bike.
You know you both would have some serious injuries if you tried.

Or make out on the beach with the waves rushing in.
Do you really want to be covered in sand and seaweed?

You’’re not going to sit in two bathtubs on the lawn looking into a sunset.

You know what you both enjoy.
Maybe it’’s a day at the spa or maybe it’’s a Monster Truck rally.
Maybe it’’s a hiking trip or maybe it’’s going to your favorite diner.
Maybe it’’s watching a movie or maybe it’’s remodeling a house.

You have your own way of doing things. Ways that make sense to the two of you.
God made you both unique, and He brought the two of you together.
Enjoy it.
Have fun.

That doesn’’t mean you don’’t try something new. Or occasionally venture out of your comfort zone. After all, exploring is part of your unique US.

But if the two of you never want to skydive or ride horseback on a beach—or if you do—that’’s fine.

You know your US.
Enjoy it.
Have fun.

And keep giving each other those knowing glances.