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If you and your spouse have children, you know that parenthood is an all-consuming role–especially when the kids are young. Daily routines trump adventure most days, and you find yourself longing for a little time alone together. You might feel a little guilty at the thought of taking a kid-free adventure together, but trust us–it’s healthy for your marriage, for the two of you as individuals, and for your kids, too!

Here’s six reasons why taking a kid-free adventure together is a MUST for your marriage and your family.

Grown-Up Time

How often do you get time to just be adults together these days? If your kids are small, your hours outside of work and school are most likely consumed with their care. And once they’re tucked into bed, you’re wiped out! Taking a trip without the children will allow you to have that grown-up time you’ve been craving.

Besides just taking advantage of the opportunity to have some “real” adult interaction, take the time to choose activities or go places you wouldn’t normally go with the kids, whether you’re traveling to an exotic destination or staying close to home. Have dinner in a nice restaurant, see a Broadway show or opera, or choose an outdoor activity that you might not be able to participate in with children in tow.


Sometimes husbands and wives find themselves feeling like roommates, between juggling busy schedules, maintaining careers, and raising kids. If you’ve been feeling this way, traveling alone together is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with one another.

Unplug the electronics (obviously, it’s perfectly OK to check on your kids at home!) and intentionally focus on getting in sync with one another again. And after you’ve reconnected on your adventure, hold onto that feeling!

Stress Relief

Vacation is a time for rest and relaxation, so take full advantage of it. Let go of the worries, stress, and anxiety of your daily routine and allow your body, mind, and spirit to recharge. When you get back home to the kids, you’ll be ready to face the daily grind again with a renewed sense of peace.

Privacy and Romance

Need we say more? Having kids at home–especially young kids–can put quite a damper on your sex life. If rekindling your romance and having some intimate time together were your only reason for getting out of town kid-free, that would be more than enough!

This is a fantastic way to reconnect with one another on a deeper level. Let your hair down and enjoy yourself! This is your chance to have a little one-on-one fun without your kids knocking on the bedroom door.

Discovering (Or Rediscovering) Passions

Maybe the adventure you take can help you rediscover a place, cause, or activity you’re passionate about. It’s easy for moms and dads to lose touch with their individual interests during this busy season of life, so choosing a getaway that helps you engage with that passion once again is invigorating.

If you’re up for something new, choose a destination or activity you’ve never experienced before. You never know–you might just discover a fantastic passion or interest that you can take home with you.


We hope you haven’t lost the element of fun in your life and your marriage, because the parenting years can certainly be a lot of fun! But if you have, vacation is the perfect time to let go and just have a good time.

Travel to an amusement park together, or visit a favorite childhood destination. Getting back in touch with your inner child will help relate to your kids in a fresh and exciting way when you return home.

Reposted with permission. This article originally appeared here.