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I often write about the things married couples need to do to strengthen their relationship with each other. But this list is going to be a bit different.

While these tasks can certainly strengthen your relationship, they’re more aimed and protecting your children and your legacy. Sadly, most married couples aren’t doing everything on this list. Making these a priority could have a massive impact, especially for couples who have children.

1. Create a will

Both my brothers are lawyers, so I got a head start with this one, but you don’t need lawyer brothers up a will. Sites like LegalZoom and others can walk you through the process simply. Even typing up something very basic and signing it and having someone notarize it could do the trick.

If you don’t have anything in place (which happens often), it can create massive headaches and unnecessary confusion for your loved ones after you’re gone.

2. Set up a retirement plan

Financial planning sounds about as fun to me as getting a root canal at the dentist, but taking some time to do it will give you peace of mind and financial freedom in your future. It’s also much easier than you’re probably thinking.

Some great resources to help you get started improving your current and future financial situation include DaveRamsey.com, the True Stewardship Show with Chris Brown and the bestselling book, “Retire Inspired” by Chris Hogan.

3. Invest in causes that will outlive you

With your time and your money, I encourage you to look for ways to invest into ministries, causes and relationships that will have a positive impact after you’ve gone onto heaven.

4. Work to heal broken relationships

As a pastor, I spend time with people at the end of their lives. When you and I get to our “deathbed” someday, all of our greatest joys and all of our greatest regrets will be the results of our relationships.

Don’t wait until then to realize that relationships are what matter most. If your relationship with God, your relationship with your kids or your relationship with a loved one is broken, please do everything in your power to bring healing to it.

5. Do those things you’ve always dreamed of doing

“Someday” is a dangerous word, because it allows us to hit the “snooze button” on our dreams.

Start being intentional about doing those “someday” dreams now. If we wait too long, we’ll get to the end of our journey with big regrets instead of big memories. Seize the moment.

Reposted with permission. This article originally appeared here.