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It’s amazing how many people commit to bettering themselves going into the new year. Not sure if this is the 28th post about resolutions or not, but we’d like to persuade you to make a better you for a better marriage going into the new year.

1. Focus on your Friendship

This will always be at the top of our list because research has proven that couples who focus on their friendship stay together! Stop what you are doing and pencil two or three date nights for January in your calendar.

Don’t just go to the movies, but plan a date night where you can connect. Talk about your dreams, inspirations, goals, and fears.

  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years or 20 years?
  • What was your favorite memory when you were dating?
  • What was your high or low through the day?
  • What was your favorite memory from the last 12 months?

2. Have More Sex

Seems obvious, but couples who are having hot sex are happier, healthier, and less stressed. Need more ideas? In our e-book Naked Dinners we give you some practical ways to make your sex life great again.

3. The 60 Second Blessing

This was the most life changing habit we have incorporated into our marriage. Because we know that words have the power to give life or cause pain, this simple and quick exercise will quickly put your marriage on each others radar.

Take turns expressing your love and appreciation for one another—it’s that simple.

4. Turn off the TV

We know, we know, this is hard for some of you, but watching TV next to each other does not count as spending quality time together. Turn off the tube and spend time connecting and asking questions .

5. Listen more

We’re all guilty of listening to respond rather than to understand the heart of our spouse. We live in a world where we often try to fix, minimize, judge and ignore what people say.

Spend time validating what they’re sharing with you and watch the intimacy in your marriage grow once again.

Connection Challenge

Commit to one of these for the month of January. Put it on your calendar, have a friend hold you accountable, and post it on your refrigerator. If you’re up for the challenge, commit for the entire year!