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021: How do I make Valentine’s Day different this year?

Valentine’s Day is a big deal in our culture. Should we get excited about it? The good news about the day is that it serves as a pause to stop and do something for your spouse. The tough part is that many of us don’t know what would speak well to our spouse.

018: Why are my words such a big deal to my spouse?

Intuitively, we know our words are a big deal. But we usually only remember that they’re a big deal when something happens that shows us we’ve forgotten. We’ve all had this happen, even recently! Join us as we discuss why words are such a big deal in marriage. 

016: Is really knowing my spouse important? (with Stuart Hall)

Today we’re talking with Stuart Hall about this question. But before we do, Ted has a little surprise for Afton and CJ – Ted reached out to their spouses and asked them some questions. Tune in to hear how they answered, and who won the prize for knowing their spouse the best (the prize being a gift card to Chili’s, of course)!

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