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027: How do we become our best US?

Today we’re going to discuss how to become our best US. Longtime listeners of the podcast know that Ted wrote a book by the same title because every US is different – What if we really celebrated that God makes all of our marriages really different?

026: How do I live out “til death do us part”? (Part 2)

This is part two of our interview with Sandy Wise. If you missed last week, you’ll want to go back and check that out first. Today’s topic isn’t one that most people want to talk about, but it is important. We’re picking up with Sandy’s story after Donald’s cancer treatment.

025: How do I live out “in sickness and in health”? (with Sandy Wise)

We’re excited to talk with our friend Sandy Wise on the podcast. Sandy and her husband Donald were married for 40 years before he went to heaven 23 months ago. We (Ted and Nancie) met them in 1998 working at summer camps and at North Point Church. We’re honored to have her join us.

024: How do I live out “for better or for worse”?

What does “for better or for worse” really mean? A surprise birthday party when you get home from work… your spouse doing the taxes and reorganizing your entire filing system – are those better or worse? The truth is, promising your life to someone is more than surprise parties and taxes – we’re all going to face better and worse.

022: How do I get perspective in my marriage?

We all know what it feels like to lose perspective—we get caught up in the little problems in our day-to-day life and marriage. The laundry isn’t folded, your spouse is late getting the kids or getting home from work, etc.

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