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041: Why is dating important in my marriage?

Most of us date quite a bit before we’re married. But those dates seemed to stop after we got married. We spend so much time with our spouse that we don’t need to date, right? Well, dating is still important for staying connected in our marriages.

039: How can my church help marriages?

Regardless of if you’re a Christian or not, local churches have a unique opportunity to help out the marriages in their community. But often times, marriage ministry is not a priority at the church. So how can we be a part of changing that?

038: How I empower my spouse? (with Mike Owens)

We all want to set our spouses up to be the best they can be, but what does that really look like? Mike Owens in founder and CEO of Ground Breakers, a youth leadership development organization and outreach ministry in the Atlanta area and abroad. Mike is also the senior pastor and founder of Evolve ATL, and a regular contributor to MarriedPeople.

037: How can I have a good relationship with my in-laws?

Marriages are a merging of two families. This means adding your in-laws to your life. Sometimes, it’s easy to have a great relationship with your in-laws. Other times, it’s not. So how do you work on this important relationship and not have it hurt your marriage?

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