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080: #MPminute: Love your Spouse

Last year in the US, we spent $72 billion on wedding ceremonies. While wedding days are special days, marriage is not really about the big day, it’s about the every day.

079: #MPminute: Marriage Cycles

As married couples, we can find ourselves in negative cycles of conflict. We argue, and can’t seem to get past it. It’s easy to think that the answer lies within the details of who was right and who was wrong, but typically, we’re not really arguing about what we’re arguing about.

078: #MPminute Marriage Quality

The condition of our marriage tends to go up and down depending on how well that we’re managing our marriage. Obviously, the dynamics between the two of you are important. But there’s another relationship that matters even more.

077: #MPminute Having Fun in Marriage

Having fun and intimacy in your marriage—is it essential or extra? We all like fun and intimacy, but it’s easy to think other things in are more important. The good news is that God views fun and intimacy in our marriage as essential.

076: #MPminute Marital Habits

Your marital habits either lead to the connection or disconnection of your us. We’ve had other habits that we’ve tried to change before and then we’ve been unsuccessful. But marital habits are different, because they’re relational, which means they’re emotional. And therein lies the answer.

075: #MPminute More Awesome, Less Awful

No matter where you’re currently finding your marriage, you can experience more moments of awesome, and less moments of awful, because God gives us clear directions and instructions for our marriage.

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