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008: How does your marriage impact other people?

It can be easy to think that our marriage is just about the two of us. We may not think our marriage matters to other people, but when you flip it around it shows the weight. For example, “Do other marriages matter to you?”. Of course they do!

006: How does our mindset impact our marriage?

Today’s question has the potential to impact both the day-to-day moments in your marriage, and the long-term trajectory of your marriage. Many of us bring this question into marriage, and we never change it. But this has huge ramifications on our marriage and can be very damaging.

005: Can your spouse really meet all of your relational needs?

Whether we think about them or not, we all have relational needs. Today we’re looking at the top ten relational needs, as found in the research done by Dr. David and Teresa Ferguson. Have you ever felt these needs? Join us as we consider whether it’s reasonable to expect our spouse to meet them all.

004: What is one thing you can make any marriage better?

If there was one thing that could make every marriage better, wouldn’t all married people want to know what it is? Well if you Google it, the top article has more like 28 things to do to make your marriage better. It can feel overwhelming – is there really one great place to get started? Join us as we discuss!

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