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Smoldering Stress: Balancing Your Marriage and Raising Kids

"I ran too fast, too far, too long on too many borrowed miles. And then it hit me like something...

“Truth in Relationships” Quiz

Why is it that some marriages die while others thrive? I’m convinced that the reason is really...

How to Handle a Perfectionistic Spouse

The desire to be perfect or to have a perfect mate and marriage is something I see a lot in the...

Anger Can Be An Opportunity, Not An Obstacle

by Anna Collins, Community Manager at Marriage 365 Anger doesn’t have to be negative, but...

The 4 M’s of Biblical Sex

I believe the Bible is also clear: married couples should be having sex. I also believe that the Bible presents at least four different kinds of sex married couples should be experiencing.

Dealing With Change in Marriage

If you’re in a funk lately, or you’re wondering ‘What is up with my spouse,’ chances are that something has changed and you’re experiencing its effects. Maybe it’s just how they feel that’s changed, or maybe something legitimate is different.

How to Prepare for Your Wedding Day

This may make me unpopular with brides and their mothers, but much of what couples do to prepare for their wedding day doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. At least, it doesn’t prepare them for an extraordinary marriage. So let me give you two things that can actually prepare for your wedding day and an extraordinary marriage.

Overcoming Boredom in Marriage

Despite all the encouragement of dreams and romance, you can still become bored. How? Two things, you’re either living life too fast or too slow. The pace of your marriage is crucial in creating excellence. 

How to Find the Humor in Your Marriage

Marriage can have some tough moments. These moments can bring us down and make us want to cry. But one of the best ways to stay together is to find ways to laugh together instead.

The Top 15 Quotes About Marriage

Everyone loves a good quote. The best ones are easy to remember, make us laugh, and look good when printed on a pillow or t-shirt. They can also start a conversation or make us think.