The MarriedPeople Annual Strategy Pack

The MarriedPeople Annual Strategy Pack is one year of proactive, strategic marriage ministry with resources that help any size church help couples connect.

This downloadable resource gives you everything you need to be strategic about creating a culture in your church that strengthens marriages. Our team produces a new Strategy Pack every year (available in late spring/early summer) so that your team has content that is always fresh, always new, but always part of your ongoing strategy for the married couples in your church.

The Strategy Pack =

4 Larger Group Experiences
+ 6 session Small Group study
+ 4 Individual Couple Date Nights
+ 12 monthly issues of the email newsletter/magazine, MP Monthly

That equals over 25 touch-points to help couples connect and live out what we believe are the Core 4 Habits that help every couple’s marriage thrive!

​The Theme for the 2017-2018 MarriedPeople Strategy Pack is

and includes:

Whether you’re a church of 5,000 with amazing technology, or a church of 100 with limited technology, this resource gives you everything you need to create larger group experiences for a night out for the married couples in your church.

Each Larger Group Experience includes:

Communicator Videos
(featuring various communicators) – so you can let the video teach (videos are downloadable and in QuickTime format, each video is approximately 30-40 minutes long)

The video communicators for the Clear Strategy Pack are (click on the links for previews):
Ted Lowe
Ted Cunningham
Mike Owens
Mo Isom and Jeremiah Aiken (wife/husband duo)

Communicator Outline and Script
(from the Communicator Video)– so you can teach live and just customize our transcript

Host Script
all the words you need to know to set the tone for the night and keep the event fun and engaging

Suggestions for program order and background music

Videos to use during the communicator scripts featuring real life couples interacting about the content!

Screen Graphics for event games and table questions

Get Clear cards (for individual couples to continue the conversation post-event)

MarriedPeople logos

Promotional materials
(printable postcard and bulletin insert, promo video, etc.)

Childcare Reimbursement form
(if you decide you want to reimburse couples for their childcare expenses)

Social Media Plan
to help you keep key principles as part of an ongoing discussion between couples post-event

This content can be used for a one-night event, or easily adapted into a sermon series or weekend retreat. A promotional video and logos are also included for worship service and online promotion.

Our Small Group Experiences have one simple goal—to help couples connect. The small group study contains six sessions that can be done in a six-week block with your existing adult small groups or Sunday school classes.

The Small Group Experience includes:

This year, we are excited to partner with our friends at The Love & Money Project and offer the Better Halves small group study as part of the Clear Strategy Pack. This fun, interactive resource will help couples get clear on the role money plays in their lives from a multi-faceted approach.

Teaching videos for each of the six sessions
(videos are downloadable and in MP4 format, and can be shown easily using a streaming device like Apple TV)

Leader’s Guide
(PDF/Word format) content to teach live instead of video, ideas/tips, insights for each small group session

Followup Activities
(tools and activities to continue the discussion for couples during the week)

* Participant’s Guide are not included, and are available in a PDF format only. Licensing can be purchased based on the number of participants. See the Orange Store for more details.

One of the most powerful things you can do for married couples is to give them simple tools and resources they can use on their own. They need to laugh, talk, affirm and connect. We do that through Date Nights and MP Monthly in their email inbox.

Date Nights:

We give couples step-by-step instructions designed to get them talking, laughing and connecting—and get them out the door! The Date Nights include:

Four creative dates with step-by-step instructions for how to have a great time, every time. (Fun date NOT therapy session—the goal is connection through laughter and affirmation.)

12 issues of MP Monthly:

We know church leaders and the married people they serve are busy. For that reason, we created MarriedPeople Monthly, a monthly email newsletter/magazine you can download and send out to the married people in your church, or link people to the monthly content. This isn’t your typical “marriage thing.” It is a man AND woman-friendly, mush-free email full of ideas and insights with go-and-do’s married people can actually go and do—and CONNECT! They will laugh and be encouraged, we promise. To view a sample, click here.


Don’t be. We’ve made this easy to implement all of this into your annual calendar. Find out how.


That’s a year’s worth of resources for less than $25 a couple (if you only have 20 couples, and we know you have more than that!)


What are People Saying About the Strategy Pack?

Marriage Ministry Needs MarriedPeople. From large group to small group, to individual couple experiences, MarriedPeople has equipped our church couples with the tools to fight for their covenant relationship.” —Greg Meek, Family Minister at Getwell Road United Methodist Church in Southaven, Mississippi

“The Married People curriculum has worked very well for us. We’ve actually done it two ways. Last year, we offered it as a 12-week study that we ran on Sunday nights. One week was Date Night, the next was the small group session, and then next Sunday they’d show up to church and receive instructions for the date night which they were supposed to do that night! We did two sessions of this . . . one in the fall and one in the spring. This year, we decided to have four marriage focused weekends over the course of the year . . . one per quarter. Over all, I love the curriculum. It’s nice having all the legwork done. All the feedback we got was positive. Looking forward to our next MP weekend!” —Deb Moline, Communications/Discipleship Counseling Director at Mosaic Church in Oakland, FL

“Our church has been so blessed by the MarriedPeople strategy pack! We just completed our third Night Out, and I can’t begin to tell you how marriages are being repaired and restored!” —Don Kauffman, Pastor at New Life Community Church in Oak Lawn, IL