In addition to the MarriedPeople Strategy Pack, we offer a variety of excellent plug and play resources to help you create incredible experiences for the married couples in your church and community. (Psst . . . a lot of these resources are included in our Strategy Pack, and when you buy it, you save some money.)


If you want to create a top notch marriage sermon series, one-night events, or retreats, we have everything you need in a download. You can purchase these downloads individually and they fit any size church.


Couples love our small group experiences because they are experiential and don’t require heavy reading or preparation. Our Small Group studies contain no mush or therapy, we just have one simple goal—to help couples connect.


MarriedPeople can help you create incredible experiences at your church, but we can also help you equip couples when they are all alone. We provide you with extremely fun date night campaigns and a great marriage book for people who don’t like marriage books . . . and those who do. (It’s called Your Best US: Marriage is Easier Than You Think.) You can also point couples to the MarriedPeople blog for a treasure trove of great posts from some pretty great people.


MarriedPeople Monthly is a monthly email that provides couples with fun and encouraging go’s and do’s they can actually go and do. This “funnly” designed tool is something every church can implement. We create it and send it to you. You use it as is or customize it and send it through your favorite email management tool, like MailChimp or Constant Contact.


In marriage ministry, most of us will take all the help we can get. So we want to point you to the book Married People: How Your Church Can Build Marriages That Last. It’s the how-to book by Ted Lowe and Doug Fields that helps you discover the “why” behind MarriedPeople. Also, check out our blog posts just for leaders.


Need some videos for a sermon illustration, one-night event, or retreat? We have an eclectic collection that can enhance your environments in a big way.

The MarriedPeople Couples Check Up is an online relationship assessment that couples can take on their own. It identifies strength and growth areas in several relationship categories. Use the Couples Check Up in small groups, as a churchwide or community-based initiative, in a retreat setting, or in other marriage enrichment events, like a date night campaign. Couples Check Up is flexible, and you can easily work it into your existing strategy or you build a new program around it.


While MarriedPeople resources focus on proactively connecting husbands and wives, we realize that sometimes those connections are broken. Here is a great resource we recommend for couples in crisis.