We know church leaders and the married people they serve are busy. For that reason, we created the MarriedPeople Monthly — a monthly email newsletter/magazine you download and then send out to the married people at your church through your own email system.

Whether it’s a group in your email contacts list or an email content management system, like Constant Contact or MailChimp, we provide a mobile-friendly web link or the HTML files that you can send out every month. (And if you are Strategy Pack customer, you can build your own newsletter using art and content we provide with your downloadable files. To find out more about the MarriedPeople Strategy Pack, click here.)

This isn’t your typical “marriage thing.” It is a man AND woman friendly, mush-free email full of ideas and insights with go-and-do’s married people can actually go and do—and CONNECT! They will laugh and be encouraged, we promise. To view a sample, click here.

This 12-month resource gives you a monthly email newsletter in HTML files or a weblink you can share.


“I’m still shocked that the cheapest and simplest date my husband and I had last month turned out to be our most memorable one: sitting on the couch reading our newsletter together!”
—Cherri Belew

“Finally a marriage resource that ‘gets it’ and comes to me. I don’t have time to tackle a long book or attend a seminar, but I can do this!”
—Matt Thompson

“The Married People Monthly is a helpful reminder of all the little things we forget are so important. There is always something in the e-zine that sparks a conversation, one that ignites that endless fascination I have with loving my husband, or clarifies a situation I have been struggling with. When you are praying and looking, God uses everything He can to help you along.”
—Nicole Gentry


Ready to launch MarriedPeople monthly

Welcome to MarriedPeople Monthly, because you’re better at marriage than you think! As part of your annual email subscription, you also receive some additional resources that may help you launch your email. If you have any questions on how to utilize these resources, email us at If you are a current strategy pack subscriber, you can also download these resources in the matrix.

About MarriedPeople Monthly - Use this document for helpful information on getting started.

MarriedPeople Monthly FB Cover Image - Use this on your church or marriage ministry’s Facebook page to encourage couples to sign up to receive MP Monthly, or to remind them to check their inboxes.

MarriedPeople Monthly Social Media Slide - Use this image on social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram) to promote MP Monthly

MarriedPeople Monthly Postcard - This file can be used to print a postcard promoting MP Monthly. Great idea for tables at one-night events, or as bulletin inserts in your regular services.

How to Load the HTML File in MailChimp - How to Load HMTL Code on MailChimp (or other email management systems) – Use this how to guide to send out the monthly EZINEs from your own email management system (like MailChimp or Constant Contact)