Can't Wait Dates

The Can't Wait Date Challenge
Everything you need to get couples excited about dating!

This Campaign Kit gives you everything you need to maximize participation in The Can't Wait Date Challenge.

What is The Can't Wait Date Challenge?
We've surveyed hundreds of couples in local churches all over the country. What do they want? One the most requested things were tools to help them date, and that is exactly what we have created. From the creators of the Great Date Experiment at North Point Community Church comes The Can't Wait Date Challenge. The Can't Wait Date Challenge encourages couples to commit to going on four different Can't Wait Dates.

Couples love these dates because they are so easy and dispel so many misperceptions about what it takes to have a great date together.

Can't Wait Dates:

  1. Work on any budget.
  2. Shows how to have fun anywhere.
  3. Takes little to no prep.
  4. Gives step-by-step instructions of how to have a great time—every time.


Campaign Planning Guide

  • Mission and Purpose
  • Promotion Plan through various channels including social media
  • Next Steps

Promotional Design Graphics

  • Design Graphics for Worship Service Promotion
  • Design Graphics for Web Promotion
  • Design Graphics for Print Promotion such as postcards, bulletin Inserts, stickers, magnets and bumper stickers

Promotional Videos

  • Four short promo videos to promote each Can't Wait Date in your worship service and online promotion.

Four Can't Wait Date PDF Downloads

Four Can't Wait Dates PDF's that you print or post on your church website or Facebook page. We have also created a Larger Group Gathering that is designed to launch THE CAN'T WAIT DATE CHALLENGE.