Saving Yourself From Social Media

Social media can also be a detriment for some marriages. In most cases, the constant phone checking can distract us from healthy conversations with our spouse. At worst, I can actually lead to relational temptation and even infidelity.
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7 Keys to Great Sex (When You Don’t Like Your Body)

We ALL have some level of insecurity. Even “picture perfect” models often struggle with body issues. Being in perfect physical shape isn’t the solution (although better overall health can be a positive factor), the real issues are deeper than the surface.
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Don’t Let Money Fights TKO Your Marriage

Not talking about finances is one of the biggest money mistakes couples can make. So it’s important to learn how to talk about it. Here are 5 tips to help.
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7 Creative Tips for A Better Marriage

My wife and I have been married for 14 years and in that time, we’'ve learned a lot about what it takes to be married. It’s easier than everyone says it is. Here are seven things we’ve done that have made our marriage work really well—and helped us have a lot of fun.
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Why Needing to Win is Killing Your Relationship

Through time I’ve come to realize it’s not just about what you say but also how you say it. And in a marriage or dating relationship, I’ve realized the mentality of needing to win is poison. It can and will destroy any relationship.
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2 Words We Often Need to Hear

by Consuela Parsons There are lots of things I strive for in life . . . Raise healthy kids Have a strong marriage Continuously grow in my faith and my relationship with God Create friendships Be a person who makes my community a better place to live Show others love...

4 Signs You’re Not a Nice Person

by Dave Willis One of my favorite comedians is Jeff Foxworthy. His "“You might be a redneck if . . ."…” jokes hit close to home because I grew up in Kentucky (home of many proud rednecks). We can all laugh at stuff like, "“If you walk your kid to elementary school...

Why You Need a Marriage Mentor

by Casey and Meygan Caston There we stood in our third year of marriage . . . more like enemies than lovers. It seemed the odds were stacked against us. We came from broken families, buried ourselves in over $200K of debt, are the MOST stubborn people you'’ve ever...

The Spectrum of Sex

by Ryan Frederick Regular and consistent sex is extremely important for a healthy marriage. But life gets busy, disconnection happens, and sometimes sex is burdensome. All of these things can lead to a lack of intimacy and a decrease in sexual satisfaction. If...

Tom Hanks and Why Your Husband Teared Up

by Shaunti Feldhahn A woman came up to me after a talk about gender differences and asked, “My husband and I were watching that new Tom Hanks movie, Bridge of Spies, and near the end I looked over and my husband was crying! I mean, it'’s great that Tom Hanks saved the...

How to Protect Your Marriage From Parenting

by Ted Lowe For many, parenting can be tough on a marriage. For around 30 years, researchers have studied how having children affects a marriage, and the results are conclusive: the relationship between spouses suffers once kids come along. And why shouldn'’t it? We...